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Lat pulldown/row handles

Lat pulldown/row handles

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Rowing handles lat pulldown

Targeted development of the latissimus dorsi: The rowing grip allows the focus to be placed specifically on the latissimus dorsi, leading to effective development and strengthening of this large back muscle. A well-developed latissimus dorsi helps improve posture and back stability.
Support of other back muscles: In addition to the latissimus dorsi, the rowing grip also activates other important back muscles such as the trapezius (hood muscle), the rhomboids and the posterior deltoid. This leads to a balanced and comprehensive back workout.
Improving pulling power: The pulling motion of the rowing grip strengthens the muscles responsible for pulling and lifting. This can prove useful in various everyday situations, be it lifting objects or sporting activities that require a pulling movement.
Shoulder Stabilization: The rowing grip can help stabilize the shoulder blades and promote better shoulder health. Training the supporting muscles around the shoulder joints reduces the risk of injury and improves functionality.
Versatility: The lat pulldown rowing grip can be performed with different grip variations, such as a narrow grip, a wide grip, or a neutral (palm-to-palm) grip. This allows different muscle groups to be emphasized and varied.
The lat pulldown rowing grip is a functional exercise that refers to the body's natural movement patterns, such as pulling on an object or rowing in sports. Therefore, it can improve functional fitness and performance in everyday life or sporting activities.

scope of delivery

  • Set of 5 rowing/lat pulldown handles

Home use warranty: 2 years
Warranty for semi-professional use (e.g. hotel, club...): 1 year
Guarantee Professional use in the gym: 1 year

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