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IronImpact Leg Curl Kombi

IronImpact Leg Curl Kombi

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Individual adjustment possible!

MUKKIS Design your gym

We powder it!

Choose from over 100 different combination options and create a holistic picture and a unique atmosphere in your home gym or fitness studio!

MUKKIS Design your gym
After you have placed your order, we will inquire via email about your desired colors.

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Exklusiv für Gewerbetreibende in der Fitnessbranche oder im Einzelhandel!


Shipping information

Shipping info

Free delivery within Germany!

Your path to peak fitness starts here! Our customizable fitness equipment is made to order to ensure every detail meets your needs. The longer delivery time is the result of our dedication to quality and bespoke perfection. We ask for your patience as our experts carefully craft each piece of equipment to ensure you receive the highest quality product that will revolutionize your fitness experience. Your patience will pay off when you ultimately receive a custom-made masterpiece that brings you closer to your goals.

Delivery time is about 6 WEEKS

  • Free Shipping
  • individual adjustment approx. 6 weeks
  • easy return
ISO 9001 certificate


Perfect Movement Angle - for maximum muscle contraction!

The machine was specially developed to train your leg muscles even more effectively. With its robust design and easy operation, this device is the perfect addition to any gym or home gym.

Plate loaded, meaning you can adjust the workout intensity to suit your needs by adding or removing weight plates.

The ergonomically designed seat ensures maximum comfort during training and supports correct posture.

Adjustable standing surface to accommodate users of different heights and ensure a safe and effective position during exercise.

High-quality materials and a solid construction ensure high stability even during intensive use.

Isolated training for both Hamstrings (hamstrings) and glutes - to build strength and definition in your legs.

Easy to use , even for beginners, thanks to clear instructions.

Despite its effectiveness and stability, this fitness equipment takes up little space and can be easily stored in your gym or at home.

scope of delivery

  • Plate loaded hamstrings
  • operation manual
  • Tool set (for assembly)


length 1500cm
Width 1200cm
Height 1715 cm
Weight 165kg
Weight plate holder 50mm Olympic

Material and texture

material Oval steel tube 2.5 mm
paint Double powder coated
pad Foam with faux leather cover

Max. load capacity 300kg!

Home use warranty: 2 years
Warranty for semi-professional use (e.g. hotel, club, ...): 1 year
Guarantee Professional use in the gym: 1 year

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