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GravityGainz Bench

GravityGainz Bench

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Our GravityGainz Bench is not only a statement of first-class quality, but also a symbol of the highest standards of fitness and comfort. With ISO 9001 certification, this product guarantees not only first-class performance but also outstanding quality and reliability.

Key Features

Designed with a clear focus on adaptability. It offers 6 different tilt angles from flat to a steep 85 degree angle. This versatility allows you to perform a wide range of exercises: from bench presses to incline bench presses - for a comprehensive and effective training experience.

The weight bench is not only flexible in terms of the angle of inclination, but also in terms of seating comfort. The seat can be adjusted to 4 different angles to give you the perfect position for your workout. These adjustment options ensure optimal alignment of your joints - for a comfortable and safe training session.

Impressive maximum user weight of 400kg . This makes the GravityGainz Bench suitable for all athletes, regardless of their weight or training level.

Its weight of approx. 61 kg offers you stability and safety during your training.

The ergonomic design is designed to optimize your training routine. Not only does it support your movements, but it also reduces the risk of injuries. This ensures a comfortable and safe workout that pushes you to peak performance.

Thanks to the integrated wheels, you can effortlessly move the bench from one place to another. The rolling function allows maximum flexibility and convenience in your training program.

scope of delivery

  • GravityGainz Bench

Technical data

Width 760cm
Height 810cm
Weight approx. 61kg

Max. load capacity 400kg!

Home use warranty: 2 years
Warranty for semi-professional use (e.g. hotel, club, ...): 1 year
Guarantee Professional use in the gym: 1 year

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